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czwartek, 08 września 2011

Erth Minerals eyeshadows
In my previous Erth Minerals review I told you how much I love these eyeshadows. Honestly I'm addicted to mineral eyeshadows - I'm allergic to traditional ones and generally I find mineral eyeshadows more subtle and easier to blend. Eyeshadows I reviewed in my first Erth Minerals review were mostly greys and browns and I like them a lot. However I was very curious how more vibrant colors look like. That's why I chose more vibrant colors this time. There are purples, yellows as well as my favourite browns among eyeshadows I received for review.
I still love their consistency which is very creamy. Erth eyeshadows are not dusty at all so you don't have all this mess while applying them. They blend like a dream! After a decent blending eyeshadows give the effect of beautiful haze. I love it!

This time I decided to apply Erth eyeshadows wet. I've tried it before with other brands eyeshadows but I didn't like the final result. Their surface became awfully craked after a while and it looked horrible. With Erth eyeshadows it was much better. When I applied them using wet brush their color became much deeper and stronger. They looked great for all day long.
I've tested the folliwing colors: Iris, Sun, Caddis, Vines, Slit and Cocoa. I like all of them that's why it's really difficult to choose my favourite one. I use Iris, Slit and Sun every day so I can call them my favourites :) 

Iris is a beautiful dark and deep purple eyeshadow. I've been looking for such eyeshadow for months. Testing tens of products gave no effect. And finally I found my perfect purple eyeshadow which is Erth Minerals Iris. It looks incredably applied with wet brush. It's very strongly pigmented eyeshadow.
Slit is very interesting and multi tasking eyeshadow. First I'd planned to use it as base eyeshadow but when I applied it I realised it's simply too beautiful to be just a background for another eyeshadow. In the jar it looks like it's quite typical brown. However applied on the eyelid it rather looks like a dark peach with golden undertones. I absolutely adore this eyeshadow and I have no doubts that every golden/brown/peach eyeshadows lover will be fond of it too. 

I really like Sun eyeshadow although it's not as unique as Slit. However believe me or not it's very difficult to find strongly pigmented yellow mineral eyeshadow. I've tested a lot and none of them was even close to perfect. Sun is the most pigmented eyshadow I've ever had so using it you have to be careful not to apply too much.
The next color is Caddis - the best selling Erth Minerals eyeshadow. It's very nice brown eysahadow with a bit sparkle and golden undertones. I like it but I wish it was more pigmented. It's rather subtle eyeshadow, perfect for daily make up.
Vines is a subtle, light purple and I picked this to create some purple make up with Iris eyeshadow. I like having the same eyeshadow colors but in different shades. I hardly ever use Vines cuz it's not pigmented enough for me. Even applied wet it's barely noticable. Anyway it's nice color and women who like subtle purple eyeshadows will definitely like it.

The last but not least is Cocoa. I decided to review it as last cuz it's eyebrow eyeshadow. I've always used traditional pressed eyeshadows to define my eyebrows. I got used to them and I had some worries about loose brows eyeshadows. I was wondering if they would dust a lot etc. Erth eyebrow eyeshadow turned out to be much better than traditional one that I used before. First of all it's much more durable and easier to apply. I chose Cocoa shade which is one of three shades offered by Erth. I wish Cocoa was a bit lighter. It fits my eyebrows color fine but not perfectly.
Although there's not a big amount of product in the jar I'm sure it will last for several months of everyday using. I really love this product and I wish I had started to use it years ago :)
Rate: 10/10

Erth Minerals Radiant Powder
It's a mineral powder. Its color is light pink and it supposed to give us a beautiful healthy glow. After applying it on face no color is visible but you can easily notice that skin looks younger, relaxed and healthy. The powder gives rosy, healthy glow indeed. Glow is not very obvious and definitely not sparkling. It's just a bit pearly glow which makes skin look very smooth.
I love using this powder with mineral foundation. When I apply these two cosmetics and some blush my face looks super fresh. All blemishes are covered, skin has this healthy glow and I look like I have no make up at the same time.
Rate: 10/10

Erth Minerals Blush
In my last Erth Minerals review I complained a bit about Erth Minerals blush called Petal. I wish it was more pigmented so this time I chose blush in more intensive color. Today I wanna review blush called Bloom which is the darkest and most intensive shade from all Erth Minerals blushes. In the picture it looks like it's dark red (it remindes me brick color). After applying it I discovered it's actually slightly lighter then it seemed in the picture. I like Bloom blush a lot. It's very interesting because it's not so obvious. I'd describe it as dark pink with some peachy undertones. Unfortunately Bloom color is not perfect for my complexion. However I'm really glad it's stronger pigmented than Petal.
I like this blush consistency. It's very easy to apply and blend it. It's easy to control the intesity of final result.
Rate: 9/10

sobota, 03 września 2011

It's time for another mineral cosmetics review. Today I'd like to introduce you English brand called Earthnicity. In their offer you can find sample kit which I'm gonna review today. The sample kit contains three foundation samples and one concealer sample. There's a few sample kits available on Earthnicity website and each kit is directed to diffrent skin tone. I chose the lightest color group which is Fair. Cosmetics are packed in transparent, plastic jars that is typical for mineral cosmetics. The amount of sample size product is typical too. I was able to use each foundation sample three or four times.
If you're interested in my opinion about Earthinicty cosmetics keep reading.

Earthnicity Foundation
Samples I got are in following colors: Natural Light, Porcelain and Alabaster. The last one is my perfect shade. I've tested tens of mineral foundations and none of them goes with my skin tone so perfectly! Alabaster shade is actually the lightest foundation color offered by Earthnicity. It is very light, indeed. However it's not very pale. It highlights light skin and makes it look healtly and beautiful. Alabaster is not cool shade I'd rather say it's got some yellow undertones. On the other hand, Porcelain is cool shade and it doesn't make my skin look as good as Alabaster. Natural Light is too dark for me but it does a great job with contouring my face.
Earthnicity foundation is amazing. Honestly I can say it's the best mineral foundation I've ever used. Its coverage is much better than many traditional foundations. Secondly, my face doesn't need any touch ups during a day cuz my skin looks perfectly fresh for all day long! I haven't used any primer and I barely used some finishing powder and my face looked super fresh even after 8-9 hours. The final result isn't total matte I'd describe it more satin and a bit highlighted. Skin looks relaxed and healthy.
My dream is to have full size product soon!!
Rate: 11/10 (ten gets the product which is very good and Eathnicity foundation is perfect that's why I went over the scale)

Earthnicity concealer
In the sample kit I received there was also one concealer sample. Its color is Ivory and it fits my skin tone perfectly. It's the most similar to Alabaster foundation so it's really pale. Generally I'm not a big fan of loose concealers. Concealer is a product I mostly use to cover my under-eye circles so I profer traditional liquid concealers. Anyway I tested Earthnicity concealer and I kinda like it. I'd rather recommend to use it for face blemishes rather than under-eye circles. It's good products but I wish its concitency was more creamy.
Rate: 8.5/10

poniedziałek, 15 sierpnia 2011

Today I'm going to review Erth Minerals cosmetics for your guys. It took me some time to test all these products and now I'm ready to tell you guys what I think about Erth Minerals eyeshadows, blush and foundation.
All reviewed products are full size. Foundation and blush contain 9g of product and eyeshadows contain 2g of product. All cosmetics are packed in transparent, plastic jars typical for mineral cosmetics. Blush and foundation jars have additional protecting part which helps to avoid spilling loose cosmetic when you travel for example.
If you wanna know what I think about them, keep reading.

Erth Minerals eyeshadows
I've already tested many mineral eyeshadows. I have tens of them in my collection. Erth Minerals eyeshadows turned out to be one of my favourites.
Colors I got are rather subtle, perfect for daily make up. Browns, greens, purples - that's exacly what I like. I find Smoke, Purple and Russet the most interesting. It's kinda funny I picked Smoke cuz I hardly ever use silver/grey eyeshadows. They're usually neglected by me as I find them unmatching my hair and complexion. Anyway Smoke is really unique and beautiful color. It's bright, pearlescent grey. Purple was a big surprise for me cuz I'd never guess it's purple before I applied it on my eyelid. But then it shows how beautiful it is - very dark purple. I also like Russet which is really difficult to describe. Sometimes it looks like it's brown but other time is seems to be dark pink or red. Very interesting shade!

Two other colors I got Olives and Carbon are nice too. Carbon is very dark, almost black and Olives is awesome smokey green.
What I mostly like about Erth eyeshadows is their creamy consistency. Actually they aren't dusty at all. I also love how easily they blend, it's amazing! Sometimes blending eyeshadows might be hard work especially for beginners. However with Erth Minerals eyeshadows it's unbelievably easy! They're strongly pigmented and long lasting too.
I only wish I tested different colors. I mean those more vibrant like beautiful vibrant purples, red or yellow I saw on Erth website. But I think it's only a matter of time :)
Rate: 10/10

Erth Minerals foundation
The same as Erth eyeshadows, I find Erth foundtaion very good product. Its big upside is great coverage it provides - one layer is enough to cover all redness or blemishes. It's long lasting too. Everything is perfect apart from its color. I got 1.2 shade which is definitely one of the palest. Although it's pale indeed the tonation is too warm. 1.2 shade has rather golden-yellow tones while my skin tone is cool. Luckily the difference between my skin and foundation color is not so dramatic so I could test it for you. Except this little shade problem everything is perfect. It's one of the best mineral foundations I've ever used.
Rate: 10/10

Erth Minerals Blush
I must admit that blush is the cosmetic I like the least from the whole package. I'm not saying it's bad product because it's high quality product as well as the other I got from Erth. Anyway I didn't like it as much as eyeshadows or foundation because it's not strongly pigmented. I got Petal color which is difficult to describe. It's semi-sparkly pink with some peachy undertones. I think it looks slightly different than in Erth Minerals website.
For women who like more subtle result this blush might be great although I prefer stronger pigmented blushes. Maybe I'd like it more if I tested different color cuz Petal is too subtle for me. However its consistency is great, it blends easily and it's long lasting.
Rate: 8/10

czwartek, 04 sierpnia 2011

Today I'm gonna review some Monave cosmetics. So read on and you'll find the review of: eyeshadows, illuminizer, blush and and eye liner.

Monave Illuminizer
I totally adore all kinds of illuminizers. I can't imagine my everyday make up without a bit of illuminizer. I was very excited about testing Monave illuminizer and I didn't get disappointed. I use Glisten color. It's adorable light pink color, definitely from cool shades. It perfectly goes together with pale skin. I like it a lot but I have to mention about the final result. Well, it's rather different than most illuminizers I've ever used before. Most of them give the result of wet or maybe frozen skin that looks differently depending on light. Monave illuminizer is rather pearly and it looks the same no matter what light we're in. It doesn't change when we're inside or outside.
The color it gives is awesome although it's not very strong.
Generally, it doesn't highlight. I'd say it gives pearly touch to your cheeks.
It's also really easy to apply and long lasting.
Rate: 10/10

Monave Versatile Mineral Powders
As you can find out reading my previous posts I love mineral eyeshadows and I completely gave up using traditional ones.First eyeshadow is kinda dark, glittery pink (sometimes looking like brown, depending on light) and the second one is typical dark brown. They're both ultra glitter and full of brocade. If you're not into glitter eyeshadows you'd better give up those.
Monave eyeshadows are fine but they're not my favourite ones. They seem to fell off the eyelid when I try to blend them. So after blending sometimes there's not much eyeshadow left on the lid. Despite of this little downside they're pretty good mostly because of strong and interesting colors.
Rate: 8/10

Monave Blush
I chose color 202 Desert Rose which seems to be pink in the picture. However I discovered it's rather rust-colored when I saw it. The shade is really nice but it doesn't look well with my skin tone.
It's very glitter, the same as reviewed eyeshadows. Although it's obviously loose cosmetic, it's not as dusty as most of loose cosmetics. Actually it's quite dense what is great for those who hate all this dusty mess with mineral make up.
Monave blush is very easy to apply. It's strongly pigmented but you can blend it easily.
Rate: 10/10

Monave Eye Liner
This type of Eyeliner is the cosmetic I hardly ever use. I got used to define my eyes with black gel or liquid eyeliner.
I use different brands black eyeliners (in such form) from time to time and Monave eyeliner has been the best I've tried so far. Its black color is unbelievably deep - it looks like gel or liquid eyeliner. It's also very soft and long lasting. In the evening it looks the same as it was applied in the early morning.
It's really great product!
Rate: 10/10

poniedziałek, 01 sierpnia 2011

Some time ago I started using Monave cosmetics. As you know how much I love mineral cosmetics it won't be surprise for you that Monave is a company that produces mineral cosmetics.
HERE you can see what products Monave offers and HERE you can find out interesting information about brand's history. Monave offer is really interesting and apart from make up cosmetics they also sell skin care products. I use: two lipsticks, two eyeshadows, blush, illuminizer and eye liner.

If you wanna know what I think about each product, keep reading :)

Monave lipsticks
First thing I want to say about Monave lipsticks is the fact that they're made of natural ingridients and they're vegan. So you don't have to be affraid of allergic reaction and also animal lovers can trust this brand :) I chose two colors: 82 and 153. First of them is from Glossy Colors and the second one is Matte. Their consistency is very specific. I'm sure a lot of women love it but those who prefer very creamy lipsticks might be a bit disappointed.

Monave lipsticks are quite hard and you have to apply 4 or 5 layers to see the color. Although I love creamy lipsticks Monave bacame one of my favourites, especially color no.82. It's so unique and interesting color that I've nerver seen before. It's light pink with purple undertones, really beautiful!! Color no.153 is also very nice but it's more typical. I'd describe it as light peach, sometimes looking like pink (depending on light).
Monave lipsticks aren't very strongly pigmented. However if you apply a few layers the color is visible. Those lipsticks are perfect for women who don't like this feeling that most of lipsticks give. They're so comfortable in wearing, you never feel them on your lips. They're long lasting too. Monave lipsticks stay on my lips for over 4-5 hours, which is really great!
Rate: 10/10

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